Legal Focus

A new government indigenization and economic empowerment bill in Namibia has many white business owners pondering whether to leave the country or take court action.

Private trade credit insurance agencies often struggle with insuring African risk due to the lack of available information.

France has threatened to prevent free trade talks scheduled between the European Union and the United States if the negotiations include movie and digital media.

Argentine authorities raided 70 locations in a slavery ring shakedown. The raids rescued over 200 victims of human trafficking who were forced to work in subhuman conditions.

An Egyptian court recently convicted 43 foreign and domestic non-governmental organization (NGO) employees for allegedly promoting democracy in Egypt without the appropriate documentation.

Members and guest speakers of the National Bar Association and the Constituency for Africa met on Capital Hill to talk about how to become more engaged in development and policy

National Bar Association issues the Fall 2012/Winter 2013 Edition of the NBA Magazine

Too often merger control implications in Africa go unappreciated. Foreign investors do this at some risk as the consequences can be severe and include not only administrative but criminal penalties.

The ACLU has filed what it is calling a "first-of-its-kind" lawsuit against the state for allegedly failing to teach students to read at grade level.

Exchange controls in Venezuela have been in place since 2003. Multinationals now to buy gold (or some other commodity) abroad to avoid the country's exchange control regime.

Provided by Kendal Tyre. Franchised businesses on the continent could create a Pan-African Franchise Association to serve as a resource center for franchising in Africa.

In June, Walmart took a 51% stake in Massmart, which operates in 14 African countries, some of which seek to block or attach more conditions on the deal.

Provided by Beveridge & Diamond: Zimbabwe is yet to adopt genetic modification technologies on a commercial basis pending the outcome of consultations with stakeholders.

Provided by Kendal Tyre and Diana Vilmenay: Law 24 mandate of Indonesian translations provides extra burden for foreign franchisors.

Provided by Beveridge & Diamond: South Africa placed a moratorium on oil and gas exploration where the controversial shale extraction technique of "fracking" might be deployed.

Provided by Kendal Tyre and Diana Vilmenay: Several countries have the market size, growth, opportunities, and developing laws to support franchising in Africa.