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Africa: Become Competitive by Insuring Payment Risks

Private trade credit insurance agencies often struggle with insuring African risk due to the lack of available information.

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France: Threats to Stall E.U. and U.S. Trade Talks over Hollywood

France has threatened to prevent free trade talks scheduled between the European Union and the United States if the negotiations include movie and digital media.

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Africa: Regulators Get to Grips with Mergers & Acquisitions

Too often merger control implications in Africa go unappreciated. Foreign investors do this at some risk as the consequences can be severe and include not only administrative but criminal penalties.

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Venezuela: Circumventing Foreign Exchange Controls

Exchange controls in Venezuela have been in place since 2003. Multinationals now to buy gold (or some other commodity) abroad to avoid the country’s exchange control regime.

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Namibia: Walmart Deal Under Review

In June, Walmart took a 51% stake in Massmart, which operates in 14 African countries, some of which seek to block or attach more conditions on the deal.

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