Argentina: Country Fights Major Modern Day Slavery Ring

According to CNN, Argentine authorities recently raided 70 locations in 10 provinces this past Wednesday in a country-wide slavery ring shakedown.  The raids rescued over 200 Colombian victims of human trafficking who were forced to work in subhuman conditions to pay off their travel debts.  Twenty-three people were detained as a result of the sting.  The detained individuals could face 4 to 14 years behind bars if convicted.

Human trafficking is modern day slavery.  The victims may not always be in chains, but they are often abused physically and mentally and are required to work in exceedingly difficult conditions.  The victims of trafficking are often tricked into believing they are being smuggled into a new country to find freedom and new opportunities.

In one of the Argentine raids, authorities zoned in on furniture-making shops in working class  neighborhoods.   The investigation leading up to the raid took over two years and started when a victim of trafficking revealed the scheme to a local customs agent.  The CNN report notes that human trafficking in South America is on the rise. Local authorities have pledged to fight these criminal enterprises across the region.

Click here for a link to the CNN story.

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