Libya: South Africans Alleged to Have Helped Gaddafi Escape

South African and Libyan diplomats are investigating the possibility that South Africans tried to help Muammar Gaddafi escape, and died in the process.  News reporters spoke to one of the South Africans who were apparently working for a security company hired to extract Gaddafi from Libya. Deon Odendaal, an alleged South African spy, spoke from a hospital in North Africa, saying that their paid extraction operation was a ‘huge failure’. He said about 19 South Africans had been contracted by different companies for the operation.


Odendaal gave the name of one of two South Africans who were apparently killed, but this could not be independently confirmed.


Odendaal said he met Gaddafi on Monday when the mercenaries arrived in Libya. Vehicles were sent out of the city on Tuesday to begin transporting Gaddafi to neighbouring Niger.


Odendaal and four other South Africans were apparently in a Jeep when they were chased out of Sirte in their convoy.


“We all believed they wanted him [out of Libya],” he said, but Nato forces started firing at the convoy from the air.


Libyan soldiers attacked the convoy and Gaddafi and a few of his guards fled to the storm water drain where he was found.  Mercenaries fled in all directions.
“It was a gruesome, gruesome orgy,” said Odendaal.


Albie Laubscher, acting head of consular services at the SA Department of International Relations and Co-operation, said that his department had no knowledge of any South Africans’ involvement in Libya. The department had also not been approached to help with a medical evacuation.


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