Zimbabwe: Experts Carrying Out Research on GMOs

In a paper presented recently at a seminar, National Biotechnology Authority of Zimbabwe” Registrar Mr. Abisai Mafa said the country recognized biotechnologies as critical for development. Despite continued discussion on the efficacy of using GMOs (genetically modified organisms) to produce healthy agricultural goods without negative effects, the need to increase food production in light of Zimbabwe’s growing population has brought this topic to the forefront.


By 2050, Africa may be facing food shortages due to an expected population of two billion people. In order to meet the needs for healthful agricultural goods, experts are testing the possibility of using biotechnology to help increase food production.


According to Mafa, “We identify agriculture, industry, environment, energy and medical research as major priorities for biotechnology but there is need to ensure safety in biotech practice. We have a policy and regulatory framework for GMOs because of the double-edged nature of new technologies especially the benefits and costs.”


While the public is expressing its concerns about the potential health effects of eating foods grown using GMOs, such as enlarged internal organs and diminished nutritional benefits, employing biotechnical methods in growing crops can decrease costs while increasing production.


Click here for Zimbabwe’s Herald article on the topic.

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