Angola: Environment Ministry for Emergence of Intelligent Buildings

According to Syanga Abílio, Angola’s Environment Deputy Minister, the Ministry of Environment is seeking to develop environmentally friendly building construction processes in conjunction with the promotion and implementation of clean technologies.


Angola’s Ministry of Environment plans to pursue environmentally sound methods of building by addressing all aspects of the construction process. From site location to transportation of building materials, the Ministry wants to “negotiate with the Ministry of Construction and Urbanisation for the emergence in Angola of intelligent and clean buildings, in the framework of the promotion and implementation of clean technologies” that will adhere to sustainability processes and ecologically sound goals.


As they work towards implementation of clean technologies, they plan to also involve the Ministries of Agriculture, Industry, Energy, and Transport. To address the environmental issues involved in construction, focus will be given to reducing industrial pollution of water, soil, and air; establishing recycling companies; and “promoting clean energies, environmental technologies, and urban and regional transports.”


Click here to read article in Angola Press (ANGOP).

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