Global: United States, European Union, Japan and Canada Conclude Third International Meeting on Cosmetics

The International Cooperation on Cosmetic Regulation (“ICCR”) held its third annual meeting (“ICCR-3”) September 9-11, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan to discuss issues relating to “cosmetics and cosmetic-like drug-products.” ICCR members host annual meetings on a rotating basis. The group, which consists of up to three representatives from each member country, works by consensus and under the assumption that all group decisions will be compatible with the laws, policies, rules, regulations, and directives in each respective jurisdiction. In addition, members pledge to take appropriate steps to implement ICCR decisions and to seek convergence of regulatory policies and practices.  International activity through the ICCR  process has the potential to shape the direction of cosmetics regulation in the United States. Even though ICCR decisions must be compatible with the laws and policies in each respective jurisdiction, the goal of regulatory convergence may drive U.S. cosmetics standards to meet those of other ICCR members such as the European Union.


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