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Roma populations across Europe face new and acute challenges. Longstanding material deprivation and social exclusion have been compounded by a steep rise in violent and often lethal attacks on Roma communities in EU member states.  Milan, a venerable city, long known for savory saffron risotto and the leggy models of Fashion Week, is moving to establish itself as something else: a zero-tolerance zone for Gypsies.  Anti-Gypsy campaigns in neighboring France have sparked international criticism, with officials there in recent months deporting more than 1,000 ethnic Roma – a clannish people migrating west in large numbers from Eastern Europe. But with great bravado, Milan is taking the lead in responding to Italy’s own “Gypsy Emergency.”  Full article.


To address the new challenges that face the Roma, some believe that a more community-based approach to resolving conflicts where they actually occur must complement the plethora of top-down, policy-oriented advocacy efforts.  To learn more about effective methods of community organizing, six Roma activists from Bulgaria, Hungary, Kosovo, Serbia, and Romania visited the United States to learn about African-American communities and their struggle for civil rights. Despite differences in context and characteristics, many analogies have been drawn between the two communities, and the meetings provided valuable lessons for the Roma activists.  Full article.

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